Janine. 18. So flippin' fresh she can grow flowers on her face. (⊙‿⊙✿)
"Even during the investigation, there was no record of L, with his sweet tooth, having ever eaten a decent meal. Usually, he was seen eating sweet food, like candy. It seems he needed to replenish his sugar level in order for his mind to work. For him to be able to remain in good shape even after eating so many sweets was one of his abilities. Even Misa was envious of him.”

bunsofcheese replied to your post: one of my pet peeves in fics is when a…


i read 10 chapters thinking it was going to get better

spoiler alert: it didn’t

When did you have that terrible vision?
Elder Price


A collection of Elder Price singing niiIIIIIIIIIgHT just because

Prices in order: Andrew Rannells, Ryan Bondy, Nic Rouleau, Jonathan Cullen, Ashley Day, Matt Doyle, Gavin Creel, Davin Larsen, Bradley Gale, Mark Evans, KJ HippityhopHippensteel, Kevin Duda


one of my pet peeves in fics is when authors undermine or completely ignore  past relationships their ship has had with other characters and the effect that has had on them in order to glorify the strength of their ship’s bond

especially when canon supports that that past love was real and actual

i mean it’s actually possible to fall in love with multiple people in one lifetime like holy shit who knew right???

my mom was deeply in love with her ex-boyfriend when she was with him and just because she ended up marrying my dad that doesn’t mean she was less in love with that dude for that time they were together

Man Up
Book of Mormon - Chicago

Ben Platt’s final Man Up in Chicago! (10/06/13)



[aggressively tries to sing every part in Man Up by myself]